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RIoT: Rail Internet of Things
Vicki Hayward
Rail travel has been a core method of public transport since the 19th Century. Once a technological marvel, the railways
Image of paper train tickets with an overlay of the word 'split ticketing'
Split ticketing across the rail industry
Vicki Hayward
Rather a curious question to ask, given our area of expertise, we know. However, given recent news regarding the rail
Rail passengers stands by rail tracks using his phone to summon transport
What is mobility as a service and how could it benefit the UK rail network?
Vicki Hayward
The capacity crunch is not a UK-centric problem; nor is it an issue specific to the UK rail network. Globally,
Future of the UK rail network - an image of railway workers working on UK rail tracks
The Future of the UK rail network
Vicki Hayward
The UK rail network finds itself in the throes of revolution, with digital change shaping the future of the rail
National apprenticeship week - meet the apprentices title blog header
Meet the Apprentices
Vicki Hayward
If you follow OnTrac’s Twitter or LinkedIn feeds, you’ll know that we’ve been raising awareness of National Apprenticeship Week by
The history of women in rail blog header showing a group of women sitting on an old steam train
The History of Women in Rail
Vicki Hayward
In 2012, the Women in Rail initiative was established to bridge the skills gap in rail, and to improve the
Big data and the digital railway title blog header
Big data & the Digital Railway
Vicki Hayward
The pace of innovation has accelerated exponentially in recent times. As a result, a period of transformational change has started
Train crossing in front of a London horizon
Digital rail: the evolution of the UK’s rail industry
Vicki Hayward
The UK rail industry is steeped in an incredibly rich history. Its profound evolution enabled the fundamental transformation behind the
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OnTrac launch 2017’s Christmas Appeal
Vicki Hayward
With December just around the corner, preparations for our annual Christmas appeal are already in full swing here at OnTrac.