View, manage and electronically sign safe work packs from anywhere in the rail network


Electronically sign safe work packs

MySWP (previously ePIC) enables users to electronically sign safe work packs, which are pushed from OnTrac’s SWP platform.

Created to work in conjunction with OnTrac’s SWP v4 platform, MySWP removes the need for time consuming and costly paper-based systems and allows the rail industry to easily adopt digital processes.

The most compliant electronic SWP system

Fully compliant with UK rail industry standards, MySWP includes approved planned safe system of work and associated operational and occupational site risks.

It also includes a searchable reference library, editable forms, emergency details (such as nearest hospitals) and welfare details.

MySWP Emergency

MySWP’s features and benefits


  • Using forms and processes within the SWP platform, users can manage, view and electronically sign safe work packs anytime, anywhere.
  • Real-time site reporting and workflow validation, allows users to work safely anywhere in the network
  • Return site distance calculations, lessons learned, close call and site notes directly within the app
  • MySWP works in both on and offline modes
  • Fully compliant with Standard 019 (NR/L2/OHS/019).

    MySWP was created in response to industry demand

    It is now widely used by track workers across the industry.

    Work Anywhere

    MySWP works in both on and offline modes, from anywhere in the rail network

    Easy To Use

    Fully automated, simple workflow that is based on industry standards.

    Electronic Sign Off

    Removes the need for paper-based processes by offering on screen sign off to authorised users

    Cross Platform

    Available on iPadOS 11+ and Android 8.1+ it can be downloaded from Google and Apple app stores

    Work In Real Time

    With real time site reporting, content can be pushed back to OnTrac’s SWP platform seamlessly

    Automated Audit Trail

    Final, completed packs are automatically pushed back to SWP, with a fully automated audit trail

    Available with a RailHub Subscription

    MySWP is available with a RailHub subscription. Used by over 30,000 users, RailHub is a trusted, one-stop digital platform that allows railway workers to plan and deliver safe work on or near the line.

    Available on Android and iOS (iPad), MySWP further facilitates digital integration throughout the rail industry’s work processes.

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