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SWP v4

How do I access SWPv4?

SWP v4 can be accessed via the following link: https://railhub.on-trac.co.uk/

SWP v3 and the Sandbox are still accessible via the following link: https://swp.on-trac.co.uk/

Why isn’t my SWPv3 password working for SWPv4?

SWPv3 and SWPv4 are separate systems. Passwords will be separate and won’t be shared across both systems.

Why can’t I see my SWPv3 packs?

Packs created in SWPv3 will not be available on SWPv4.

Any packs created in SWP v3 will be available on ePIC once they are authorised.

Any packs created in SWP v4 will be available on MySWP once authorised.

How do I access training materials?

A ‘Training Resources’ tile is available on the RailHub landing page. This contains step-by-step training videos, Desktop and Mobile User Guides and FAQ’s.

Why are some of my RailHub tiles greyed?

Any greyed-out tiles will be subscription-based services. For more information, please contact enquiries@on-trac.co.uk.

Subscription Based

How do I enquire about a subscription?

Contact the office on (0191) 477 4951 or enquiries@on-trac.co.uk

What is the minimum subscription I can have?

1 Planner and 1 PIC. In this case the Planner would not act as the Responsible Manager as the RM and PIC must be two separate people.

When will I gain access to the system?

Once you have been issued a quotation, complete and returned the signed acceptance and/or purchase order. We will then issue an invoice.

Once the invoice has been paid. Login details will be issued from no-reply@on-trac.co.uk – you may need to check junk folders.

When I login to the system why does my account say my subscription has expired?

This would indicate your subscription was not renewed, speak to the account holder and have them make payment/send proof of payment to accounts@on-trac.co.uk

Getting Started

How do I access the system user guide?

The SWP user guide is available for all users when they log into the system.  Simply navigate to the side-bar menu and select ‘Account Settings’ then select User Guide from the drop down. This will then open a PDF in a new tab or click on the ‘Training Resources tile on the RailHub SWPv4 landing page.

How do I reset my password?

Login into RailHub SWPv4 and navigate to ‘Account Settings’ via the side-bar menu.  From the drop-down menu you will have the option to change your password. Once you have completed all fields (current password, new password, confirm new password) click save to confirm the change.

If you are unable to access the system to change your password, your business’s Client Admin has the ability to do so in the Admin Tab of SWP. OnTrac Support is also able to complete this if your business does not have a Client Admin setup.

What if I’ve forgotten my password?

Enter your username in the RailHub Login screen and lock ‘Forgot Password’. You will be sent an email from no-reply@on-trac.co.uk to allow you to create the new password.

How do I upload my Signature on the pack?

All users must complete and sign a customer set up form. This is submitted to OnTrac or organisation’s client admin who will then upload it to the system. Signatures automatically appear on packs once actioned.  If incorrect signature has been uploaded, this can only be amended by OnTrac admins.

Is there a way for me to set my account to ‘Out of Office’?

Yes, this can be done by selecting the ‘Account Settings’ option in the side-bar menu.

At the top of the page, you can select the check box which will enable your out of office. This will mean users will not be able to select you during the pack creation process to be either the PIC or RM.

Once the box has been unselected the message will disappear.

How do I raise a support ticket?

Our Support Desk is operational Monday- Friday between the hours of 9am and 5pm. Support tickets can be raised via the following options:


  1. When logged in to SWP you will notice an orange bubble in the bottom lefthand corner of the page. Once selected, a form will pop-up. Once the form has been completed and submitted this will be forwarded to our designed support team.
  2. Use the following link to raise and monitor tickets directly through the service desk https://on-trac.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portal/18/group/-1
  3. Email our team at support@on-trac.co.uk with a detailed explanation of your query, this will be forwarded on to our designed support team.
  4. Contact the office on 0191 4774951, to get through to the correct department please select option 2 for Support and then option 2 for anything else.
When I login to the system why does my account say my subscription has expired?

This would indicate your subscription was not renewed, speak to the account holder and have them make payment/send proof of payment to accounts@on-trac.co.uk

Can our organisation set up our own users?

Yes, organisations can have a ‘Client Admin’ user who can create and suspend users.

Is it possible to switch user licenses if someone leaves the company?

Yes, this can be done via your organisation’s client admin. The old user will be suspended, and the license will be allocated to another.

Pack Creation

Can I copy a pack?

Planners have the ability to clone a pack, this will copy of the data and set the pack as ‘In Progress’. All details in the pack can then be amended accordingly.

What is a component?

Component pack type allows planner to assign up to 10 individual SSOWs per shift for each work task.

A pack may have multiple components. For example, a walking component to the work, a working component, and then a walking component to the egress point etc up to 10.

How do I void a pack?

Once the pack has been created, the planner has the option ‘void’ the pack via the register tab. Once the pack has been located go to the settings toggle and select void pack.  The pack can longer be accessed or cloned.

How do I request a pack?

The responsible manager can request a pack via the side-bar menu ‘Request’ button. This will then submit a pack request to the chosen planner.

Is it possible to edit a pack once it’s been created?

A pack can be edited at any point up until a pack has been authorised. If a pack is edited at any stage it will be returned to the planner and captured in the pack history.

Can I sign my TB as part of my SWP?

In your organisation has access to WPP/TB then this can be incorporated in to SWPv4. Multiple Task Brief’s can be associated with your pack. They can then be signed for through MySWP.  Further guidance for this is available within the SWP user guide.

I want to include multiple ELR’s within my pack is this possible?

Planners have the option to add multiple ELR’s within the pack. This can be done by selecting ‘Add’ on the ELR page.

Is there a way for me to communicate with other involves in the pack creation/sign off process?

During pack creation and throughout the sign off process users have the ability to collaborate, this can be done by going to the side-bar menu and selecting the speech bubble. Users can either send a message to all users or send a direct message which will prompt an email notification.

Is the system compliant with the 019 standard?

Yes, the system is fully compliant with the 019 standard.

Can I be listed on the system as a Multi-Role user?

Yes, a user can be listed as any of the following. Planner/Manager/PIC/COSS. A user can be a multirole user on a pack with the exception of a PIC and RM.

What happens if I do not select the safest method of protection?

If the planner does not select the safest method of protection a reason must be given as to why. This will be stored on the SSOW selection form.

Is it possible to upload WON’s/PON’s documents in to my pack?

We provide multiple upload sections within the SWP pack this allows users to upload multiple PDF documents.

Can I change the lines shown on the RT9909 form?

RT9909 form needs to be manually completed and are no longer pre-populated.

Can I copy information from 1 shift across others?

During the pack creation process there is a ‘Set to All’ button across multiple section, this copies information from the first shift throughout the rest.

Why can I not complete all of the NR3180 form during creation of the pack?

Sections 1,2,3 & 6 are to be completed by the Planner, the rest of the form is to be completed on site

What if my chosen access point is not listed in the drop-down list?

Users have the ability the chose a ‘custom access point’ this allows them to specify either a postcode, OS Grid Ref or long & latitude.

How do I change my chosen hospital within my pack?

The four closest A & E hospitals are generated from your chosen access point. The closest is always pre-selected. Users then have the option to select another hospital which will then include directions.

Is it possible to exclude sections from my pack?

During the pack creation process, the planner will notice ‘tick to exclude’ this will remove the chosen section of the pack from the final pack.

I have excluded information from my pack, how do I re-include it?

On the final pack the planner will have an ‘excluded’ tab. If any section within this are selected ir will include the information with the final pack.

How do I carry out my 10% audit report?

As the responsible manager, you have the ability to access a number of 019 complaint standard reports. This includes the 10% audit report.

This allows the responsible manager to run a report on all reports created during a specified date range.  This will then pull up 10% of the packs authorised and they have the ability to check or raise a query against the pack.

This report can then be saved with a name, time & date stamp.

Is it possible to check which users have created packs?

This can be done via the packs register, all packs have a ‘created by’ column.

How do I know which packs have been verified late?

The Responsible Managers can run a ‘Late Verification’ report which will flag all occurrences of packs which have been verified late within the specified date range.

Is there a way to see what packs have not been used?

A report is available within the 019 reports which can show which packs have not been implemented.

Can I see what packs have not been returned?

A report is available within the 019 reports which can show which packs have not been returned.

Is it possible to compare the planned SSOW compared to the actual SSOW?

A report is available within the 019 reports which can compare the results of the planned versus the actual.

Why can I not see other planners’ packs when I login to the system?

If a RM is logged in to the system, they will only see packs in the register which have been assigned to them.

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