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We are OnTrac. We create transformative software that improves Britain’s railways.

At OnTrac, our steadfast dedication to our customers in rail allows us to understand that safety and performance are paramount. Our products ensure that planning on or near the line is done so with digital efficiency. From automating paper-based processes, to visualising vital assets across the UK’s rail infrastructure, OnTrac provide the rail industry with the tools to plan and deliver work more productively and efficiently – as well as safely – than ever before.

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Who are OnTrac & how do we support the rail industry?

At OnTrac, we are passionate about the rail industry and the technology we create to support its digital future. From big data collection and analysis, to the wealth of expertise the OnTrac team bring to our product suite, we use information to improve the rail industry’s processes and performance on or near the line. Our continued commitment is to digitising rail and supporting our wealth of clients in the improvement of workforce safety and facilitation of a digital railway.

View a selection of our products that are making a difference to our customers in rail:

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ePIC allows the Person-in-Charge to view, edit, manage and digitally sign SWP packs, using forms and processes that comply with the latest Network Rail Standard.

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The SWP system is used by almost 10,000 planners, engineers and surveyors to create fully customised safe work packs in under 10 minutes.

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Fully compliant with the latest Network Rail standard, OnTrac’s digital Work Package Plan and Task Briefing forms guide users through a simple workflow that documents methods of work, tasks and associated risks.

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