How data sharing in rail improves collaboration

OnTrac know how the use of data can affect a company’s productivity and efficiency. But we also understand how the use of smart data can fundamentally transform how an entire industry communicates and collaborates too. Therefore, we are currently creating a comprehensive database for our clients that lists both site tasks and site risks (as well as an industry standard permit library) all in one place.

Historically, the rail industry has access to massive amounts of data – however, this data is somewhat disparate and unstructured. Collating data in a single space allows OnTrac to facilitate better collaboration among our clients, as well as the wider rail industry. By working together to create a database of dynamic data on tracks, bridges, tunnels, signalling, level crossings, electrification and plants, our clients can use this data to drive better business decisions. Having a definitive database available within OnTrac’s product suite, enables our clients to understand and distribute data more accurately and effectively.

The pending 019 Standard was the trigger that enabled us to move towards this new era of data integration within our product suite. eTrac-GIS was our first product to use industry supplied data in this way. Expanding this to our wider product platform comes at a time when the whole industry is on the precipice of transformation, during the biggest compliance review in its history. Having such a wide variety of qualitative proprietary data sources in a single format, ensures that meaningful, easy to understand data becomes more widely available in rail.

This data integration also aligns with Network Rail’s long term vision for the rail industry; being able to more appropriately predict and prevent potential risks and integrating client provided data now, guarantees that we are prepared for the future, and better able to support the entire rail industry on its journey to go digital, while paving the way for greater productivity and better maintenance of infrastructure throughout the UK.

If you’re an existing OnTrac client and you’d be interested in supporting us on our data integration journey, get in touch with the team today and we can work together on facilitating positive collaborative transformation in rail.


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