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OnTrac specialise in digitising and streamlining rail processes, making the industry more connected.

We offer a range of products that are tried and tested in rail, to ensure the planning and delivery of work on or near the line is implemented more efficiently and safely.

RailHub facilitates positive change throughout the rail industry, by providing everything needed to plan and deliver work in the rail industry: digitally, paperless and in a single space.

Tailor your RailHub experience to suit the needs of your workforce. With a range of components available in desktop, smartphone and tablet, OnTrac have what you need to ensure work is carried out more effectively and safely.

RailHub Apps

Safe Work Pack

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The SWP system is used by almost 10,000 planners, engineers and surveyors across the rail industry. This enables remote access to safe work packs from anywhere, leading to a fully integrated, paperless process.

National Hazard Directory

OnTrac products NHD/National Hazard Directory app icon

Used by over 350 companies and more than 12,000 individual users, the NHD covers in-excess-of 16,000 track miles of geographically tagged information. This makes it the most comprehensive and up-to-date risk register in the UK.


OnTrac products WPP/TB Work Pack Plans and Task Briefs app icon

Fully compliant with the latest Network Rail standard, OnTrac’s digital WPP/TB forms guide users through a simple workflow that documents method of work, tasks and associated risks. It also features all necessary welfare and emergency arrangements to mitigate workplace risks.


OnTrac products ePic app icon

Packs from our SWP solution are automatically pushed to our integrated ePIC tablet app. This enables the Person-in-Charge to view, edit, manage and digitally sign SWPs, improving productivity and responsiveness across entire teams.

Access Points

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The OnTrac Access Points app is one of the most popular in the industry. The app provides a digital record of over 18,000 approved access and egress points that can be used with and without a mobile signal.


OnTrac products eTrac-GIS app icon

A digital mapping platform with the potential to transform how the rail industry operates. Using asset data from multiple data sources, eTrac-GIS automatically generates from geospatial data – schematics on demand (geomatics).

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