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OnTrac & Nutshell align in providing digital access for all children this Christmas

Vicki Hayward - November 29th 2016

This Christmas, the OnTrac team – alongside sister company, Nutshell Apps – are continuing their mission of digital access and equity for all, regardless of social demographics, age or learning abilities, by participating in Cash for Kids again in 2016.

In a single morning, the OnTrac and Nutshell teams managed to collect £680, which purchased an array of smartphones, tablets, headphones and more, with the aim of bringing technology to the lives of children in the north-east, who would otherwise go without on Christmas Day.

Both OnTrac and Nutshell are committed to raising awareness of digital equity throughout industry, working closely with clients to bring technology to the frontline of organisations with the aim of streamlining efficiencies, boosting productivity and acknowledging how the digital revolution is shaping the future of work. Therefore, supporting learning experiences for all children, by providing them with technology that yields the same learning outcomes as their peers, and allows them to understand the role technology plays in their future, as they grow, is vital in supporting our companies’ collective aims.

Breaking down the digital divide that has often separated older and younger generations in industry, we are continuing our aim in ensuring that all children have meaningful experiences with technology that is easy to use, thus allowing them to have impactful interactions with technology in their education and future employment prospects.

Together, OnTrac and Nutshell are continually exploring ways to provide and expand digital access to all members of our communities, whether this be by supplying bespoke drag and drop app platforms within the public sector, or revolutionising the way frontline staff use technology on our historic railways. Providing technology to children at the most wonderful time of the year, is just one of the ways we aim to foster a technologically focused culture of change within north-east communities and beyond.

Managing director, Martyn Cuthbert states:

“OnTrac and Nutshell are two companies dedicated to the future of work. We have a responsibility to address digital access for everyone, and this starts by familiarising children of all ages and abilities with technology. Technology allows children to develop future employment skills as they grow, putting them directly in line with the future of work from a young age.”

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