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Food For Thought- Order to Cut Costs for Network Rail Sparks New Technology Debate

Katie - June 13th 2013

It was announced yesterday on the BBC News website that Network Rail has been ordered by the Office of Rail Regulation (ORR) to find savings of over £2bn over the next 5 years.

The cost of running the UK rail network has been under close scrutiny since Stephen Byers’ controversial decision to take Railtrack into administration in 2001, when the whole industry was thrown into turmoil.

Over the past 12 years lots of laudable work has been undertaken to improve the rail infrastructure byNetwork Rail and its suppliers, whilst the cost of maintaining and renewing assets has been continuously squeezed, but it is also true that further efficiencies can still be made. One of the recommendations from the ORR is to invest further in new technologies to assist with efficient working.

Factoring in the order to save money and the need to maintain high levels of safety for both rail passengers and workers, Network Rail have a big challenge ahead. The recommendation to embrace new technologies has no doubt provided food for thought for the rail sector, an interesting subject for rail technology specialists On:trac. 

With years of expert knowledge in the mass transport sector On:trac understand the urgent need to evolve and utilise new technologies designed to not only save time and increase effectiveness, but also save significant amounts of money where necessary.

Their vision is to become a one-stop IT partner for their Clients and help transform the way that companies share information with their employees, customers and supply chain partners.

On:trac are proud of their heritage within the rail industry. The company have a history of enabling customers to make significant savings whilst maintaining safety levels. Starting from On:trac Connect, their SSOW planning system, through to their very latest mobile apps including a ‘possession over-run’ risk management tool, Incident reporting app and ‘what’s around me’ for safety critical information including approved access points, red zone prohibitions and authorized walking routes. They are regarded as industry innovators and a leading software provider to the rail industry.

For more information on the services On:trac offer please visit our website. Alternatively please call 0191 477 4951, to speak to a member of the team.

You can find the full report on the BBC website here.

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